Parsable offers a flexible, enterprise-grade cloud platform for the industrial organization that empowers front-line deskless industrial workers with access to digital procedures and content, training modules, and collaboration tools to improve worker productivity. The leader in the ‘Connected Worker’ arena, the Parsable platform helps customers move away from static, paper-based procedures and towards a mobile-first, dynamic platform, helping organizations drive quick ROI wins through productivity gains, asset throughput, and worker safety. The Company works with over three dozen industrial customers across several industrial end-markets including manufacturing, energy, packaged goods, materials, and aerospace.

Parsable is a key part of our overall digital initiative and our strategic plan to equip our employees with the right digital technologies to unlock new levels of transparency, consistency and collaboration. As industrial automation becomes more prevalent within our business, having that seamless connection between our human workers, machines and systems is critical, and this is where Parsable plays a leadership role

Raul Obregon, Chief Information and Transformation Officer, Grupo Bimbo

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