Building platforms for the sustainable, resilient future

Activate invests in high-growth companies using transformative technologies to build a more intelligent, efficient and sustainable industrial future.

Our firm began with the simple belief that smart and efficient infrastructure and industrial systems will be the foundation of tomorrow's economy. And as the world becomes increasingly crowded, resources scarcer and operations more complex, the need for integrated, sustainable and intelligent industrial systems has never been greater.

Our Approach

Focused on the global

The world is transforming, and so must we. Activate envisions a future with cheaper and cleaner energy, frictionless movement of people and goods, and industrial processes that are intelligent, automated and safe.

Our Team

Partners to

Our team brings more than 100 years of cumulative experience building companies in our target sectors, both as investors and as operators. Having collectively founded seven firms and companies, we understand the unique challenges of building and scaling organizations. We work closely and collaboratively with our management teams to provide insight and guidance along the way.

Our Companies

Together, we are
building the future

Our companies are creating impact by enabling a more efficient, intelligent and sustainable future for industries and people.

Committed to inclusive innovation in sustainability