This is us

Activate was founded by partners with over 70 years of collective experience as investors and founding operators in our target markets. With offices in San Francisco and Philadelphia we have access to the key technology, policy and financial hubs and proximity to innovation wherever found.

Advisory Board and Operating Partners

Our Advisors and Operating Partners are an extension of our core team. They enhance our capabilities, widen our influence and provide access to targeted expertise within our markets. Together they help us deliver guidance to our companies and forge lasting strategic partnerships across industry.

Robert Bernard

Advisory Board

John Cavalier

Advisory Board

Michael DeRosa

Senior Advisor

Paul Feldman

Operating Partner

Nancy Floyd

Advisory Board

William Reilly

Advisory Board

Macy Summers

Operating Partner

John Woolard

Operating Partner

Our Approach

Taking the bold path

We focus on companies using technology to address the biggest challenges across the global industrial economy

Our Companies

Creating growth and impact

We help emerging market leaders scale rapidly into the category defining companies of tomorrow.