Founded in 2013, Fictiv is aimed at providing “hardware at the speed of software”. The company’s digital manufacturing ecosystem connects engineers to high-quality machined parts via a global network of vetted manufacturing partners. Unlike traditional contract manufacturers, Fictiv’s operations are built around a digital core that leverages proprietary AI algorithms to deliver instant pricing, design for manufacturability feedback, and production transparency. To date, Fictiv has led the movement to both virtualize complex manufacturing workflows and enhance supply chain resiliency, delivering over 19 million mechanical parts to over 3,000 product companies.

Manufacturing stands on the precipice of a truly disruptive ‘tech moment’ driven by faster innovation cycles and demand for agile manufacturing that allows companies to respond to market demands. But the reality is that the majority of products still don’t ever make it to market because this capacity is simply inaccessible... Fictiv’s mission is to democratize manufacturing.

Dave Evans, CEO, Fictiv

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