Element Analytics

Element offers an IIoT data platform – AssetHub – to standardize data ingestion, management, and analysis for physical industrial assets and associated data. The enterprise cloud architecture collects meta-data from enterprise systems, centralizes that within AssetHub, and normalizes the data so that applications and analytics can be run at scale across the organization. The platforms enables digital twins to be built on top of operating assets, keeping data aligned with changes to the physical environment; as instrumentation changes, these changes propagate through AssetHub, keeping asset frameworks up-to-date, providing real-time intelligence to front-line operators.

We’re taking the complex process of turning messy industrial data into rich insights and simplifying it to a level that’s never been seen before. Our platform is designed to take unorganized and inconsistent data from industrial operations and make it easy to trust, manage, and analyze.

Andy Bane, CEO, Element Analytics

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